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tv   Larry King Live  CNN  November 14, 2010 12:00am-1:00am EST

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violence, there will be others who invariably are influenced by that. what i worry about is the next joe stack will be more joe stack will be more successful. -- captions by vitac -- tonight we're "dancing with the stars." bristol palin, jennifer grey, brandy and their partners are here with the truth behind the tears. >> it's just a feeling. just push through. >> larry: the homesickness that almost couched one of the contestants. >> being able to spend time with
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my family. >> it's very [ bleep ] sometimes. >> larry: what they think of the xe situation so far. shine up the mirror ball trophy, we're "dancing with the stars" next on "larry king live." season 11 of "dancing with the stars." joining us, the four contestants who are still standing and still dancing. actress jennifer grey, bristol palin, the former first daughter of alaska. the grammy winning singer and actress brandy, and kyle massey, the youngest competitor this year. let's take a look back and see what got the contestants where they are today. ♪ >> i love the taste of brandy in the evening. after this, i could have more and more and more. >> thank you. ♪ that ain't the way to have
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fun ♪ >> the way you undulate your body, girlfriend, i see a future for you. ♪ >> it's like a sexy, hot, energizing bionic bunny dancing. ♪ >> that was by far the most fun i have had as a viewer, as a judge. >> larry: as we say in college basketball, the final four. jennifer, you surprised you made it this far? >> i'm just grateful, and glad i'm still chugging along. >> bristol, why did you say yes to doing this? >> i said yes to doing this because i knew people would talk to me no matter what. >> larry: brandy, are you surprised at how far you have gotten? >> i am surprised. >> larry: you're not known as a dancer.
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>> not at all. i just wanted to go as far as i could. i'm that thankful i'm here. so fun and exciting. >> larry: kyle, were you surprised to be asked? >> i'm surprised about everything. surprised i made it this far. surprised i'm on the show. it's one of the most memorable experiences of my life. i think i can speak for all of us when i say just the set is breathtaking. >> larry: how difficult is it, the work leading up to it? >> it's grueling. it's relentless and beyond fun. it may be the funnest thing i have ever done. >> larry: even though it's all of what you said before? >> yeah. you are challenged and learning to do something you have never done before and learning to do it fast. >> larry: people have seen you dance in a famous movie. >> live is different. a different dance every week and and having this amazing dance teacher, this pro, who's a great
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dancer. like spending all day every day to make you good. what about that. >> larry: what's it been like for you, bristol? the experience? >> such an awesome experience. i never danced before in my life, never performed. i think i'm coming out of michelle and i'm blessed to be here. i'm having such a good time. >> larry: we're going to have everybody with their individual partners and individual segments and they'll all be on together. brandy, has it been tough? >> it has been very tough. but at the same time, exciting and inspiring, because i'm learning how to do something i've never done before. i love a challenge. so this is the perfect show. >> larry: are you very competitive, kyle? >> i'm definitely competitive. mainly because like whenever you enter a situation, you never want to enter it like doing it halfway. you want to completely commit to it. i said, if i'm going to dance on national television in front of half of world, i might as well commit to it while i'm doing it. it's a blast. >> larry: the people voted off so far, kurt warner.
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just got voted off. rick foxx, florence henderson, david hasselhoff, audrina partridge, and michael bolton. were you surprise the at any of them, jennifer? going off, i mean. >> every week i've been surprised by who's sent home. every week it's like we never know. i'm always a little shocked. >> larry: how about you, brandy? >> me, too, i was very shocked. >> larry: anyone? >> rick foxx and audrina. they were doing great. and they did some of their best dances, and they were voted off. i didn't understand that. i was really disturbed by that because they were so good. >> larry: bristol, were you surprised at some of the people cut? >> i think we're all surprised every week. just because you can have such high scores and be voted off. >> larry: how competitive is it to you? >> i'm extremely competitive. just in general. of course i want to win. but i think for me, i've been lowest scorer since the beginning of the show. for me, it's just going against
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myself, and working my hardest and just improving for myself. >> larry: do you think the public likes you more than the judges? >> yeah, obviously. >> larry: kyle? >> yes, sir. >> larry: anyone you particularly disappointed at getting voted off? >> i mean, like, being on this show for, what, eight weeks now, each week that we're there, we actually grow a bond closer to each other. because we all share the same everything. so -- >> larry: you've made friends out thf? >> yeah, i hate to see people go. this show is probably the only show on television that it's normal for the show to be unpredictable. i guess normal for it to be unpredictable. >> larry: no one ever knows. >> you never know, never know. >> larry: jennifer, when it's competitive and you say it's competitive, are you there rooting for people to get tossed? >> actually -- >> larry: you must be. >> actually, all of my attention goes to doing my best.
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i don't really have an ounce of extra energy to put toward anyone else's destiny. i am just trying to do my best. >> larry: is it rough, bristol, when the judges rap you? >> when they -- >> larry: knock you? >> not for me. i have really tough skin. so sitting out there and they're ri te critiquing me, i just put it to my next dense. >> larry: do you think being in a political family helps? >> i've got tough skin. >> larry: there are nights you win and lose. >> there's lots of nights you win and lose. i'm thankful to be still around. >> larry: braepd, have they knocked you? >> they've criticized me, of course. as bristol said, i take that and apply it to every chance i get a chance to do. >> larry: kyle, you're unknockable. let's check in with the host of this show, tom bergeron. what's next? >> coming up as a young man, william shatner believes to be the greatest dancer in america,
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heartburn gone. power on. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ [ male announcer ] as long as there are babies, they'll be chevy's to bring them home. ♪ >> larry: jennifer grey and her
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partner derek hough have consistently scored the highest marks on this season's show. here's a look at some fancy footwork. watch. >> jennifer is unstoppable because she's hot, hot, hot. >> jennifer gray and her partner, derek hough. >> this really is primetime delight! ♪ >> larry: how is she doing, derek? >> she's doing great. unbelievable. it's such a joy and pleasure to work with her. it's just been fantastic. she works so hard. she puts 110% into every rehearsal. we've been on a roller coaster.
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it started out fantastic and we went through tough times physically. but she's pushing through it. i think we found a second wind. i'm really excited. >> larry: what's he like as a teacher, jennifer? >> well, because he's so gifted, i think it's hard to imagine him not being gifted. he's very much a perfectionist, which makes him a great dancer and a great teacher. and he's just got eyes in the back of his head. he's got eyes on every part of my body with every movie make. >> larry: whoa, whoa -- >> don't you? >> larry: don't you dance for a living? >> i take pride in being able to teach someone, and see them grow as a student, and also as a friend, and also as just a person. it's very rewarding to do. >> larry: it may be not be surprising to see jennifer doing so well. we'll show you a scene now from one of the most famous movies ever made, "dirty dancing." here's jennifer with -- it's
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hard to say this -- with the late patrick swayze. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> larry: he was something, wasn't he? >> he was a very, very special guy. very, very gifted. and special. >> larry: you saw the movie, i assume, derek? >> absolutely. >> larry: does it make a little tough when you started dancing with her? >> i definitely didn't have any expectations because i knew it was a long time ago. and also, the amount of dancing she did in the film was actually quite minimal, compared to what you do on the show as far as the intensity and amount of work you do. so i was very pleasantly surprised and pleased to see
12:14 am
that she has this sort of -- it's in her body. her father is joel grey. i think that entertainment, kind of that dancing is -- it's in her body. she's not a trained dancer by any means, but she's got it in her. she's got the passion. she loves doing it. that to me translates. >> larry: her father is the living joel grey. who could forget -- >> yeah. >> larry: unbelievable academy awards. he's coming back to broadway? >> he'll be doing "anything goes" in new york. >> larry: how are your legs holding up? >> i don't know. how do i hold them up? i'm still walking, aren't i? >> larry: the wear and tear must be -- you rehearse every day, right? >> i would say that my body is experiencing sensations it's never had before. and i feel like i'm pushing through. and just taking care of myself. and i feel -- i don't know, i
12:15 am
feel like this whole new excitement about the next couple of weeks. i feel like, this pain's just a feeling. just push through. it's almost over. let's make the most of it, you know? >> it's cool watching jennifer surprise herself every week. because she's like, i don't know if i can do this. then she goes out there and does it. that's what makes the whole, you know, experience so rewarding. seeing this kind of like light go, wow, i did it. i can't believe it. >> larry: you'll be back at the end. now back to tom. who's next, thomas? >> i'm standing with two people, one of whom bristol palin has improved week in and week out. mark hasn't improved that much, quite frankly. but he started out okay. so, you know, you can kind of take that with a grain of salt. they're coming up next. [ diane lane ] when you were 14
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>> larry: we're back with bristol palin and her partner, mark ballas. here's a look at their teamwork. >> now, the pistol. bristol palin and her partner,
12:19 am
mark ballas. >> i thought you would come out here and be boring. and i was so wrong. ♪ >> larry: has she gotten better week in, week out, mark? >> absolutely. i mean, if you watch the first tape to last week, i think it's a miracle. i think you've come so far. i really do. on our first day, you know, she had no idea how to count, how to -- had zero, zero dance experience. >> larry: did you say to yourself, hopeless? >> i would say so. on the first day i was like, we've really got to knuckle down. she's come so far. this is one of my favorite seasons to take a true beginner. >> larry: what's it like for you? >> he's been so great with me. i remember walking in the first
12:20 am
day, and like, i hope you have a lot of patience. he's had so much patience with me. he's really taken me out of michelle and given me the extra confidence which i need to go in and perform. >> larry: how do you do with all the rumors about you two? >> every season people like to say that something's going on. >> larry: it was in the new york papers almost every other day. >> oh, really? >> interesting. >> larry: no truth? >> no truth to that. >> larry: your mom's been to the show. >> yes. >> larry: did that make you more nervous? >> no. it was really comforting. our moms were sitting there together, just looking at them and seeing them sitting there cheering us on, it was great. >> larry: where's little tripp in all in? >> tripp's in california with me. >> larry: that's terrific. has levi been supportive? do you hear from him? >> i don't really hear from him. but i'm not here to talk about levi, i'm here to talk about "dancing with the stars." >> larry: people would just be interesting.
12:21 am
i'm not going to ask you who you're going to vote for. that's your business. mark, what was the toughest part getting her over the hurdles? >> i think the main challenge for bristol has always been just having no fear and letting go. showing her personality. because it's hard to capture in a minute and 55 package how we're doing in rehearsal. >> larry: that's all it? >> a minute and 55. i want people to see how fun bristol is. she's really going for it. i think in the later dances it's really starting to show. getting her personality to shine is really the challenge, but it's happening now. >> larry: we touched on it earlier, you keep overcoming what the judges say and the public keeps voting for you. do you think that's due to the palin name, in addition to your getting better? >> i don't know. i think people just see my rawness and vulnerability going into this competition. i think i'm very relatable in the fact that i don't have any performance background, don't have any dancing background. i think people would step back and say, that's how i would be. that's how i would feel. and that's how i would perform.
12:22 am
i think i'm very relatable in that fact. >> larry: did it take some guts for her to do this, mark? >> i think so. it's inspiring. to people at home, when they come home from their jobs, their family, going about their normal day, they watch and think, that's how i'd be, i'm not a danc dancer, a singer, a performer in any way. they like to see the journey. >> larry: is it -- do you have mixed feelings? i know you miss home. >> yeah. i definitely miss home. i miss being able to spend time with my family. but i'm having such a wonderful time here. i'm just blessed to be around on the show still. we're going into week nine now. i'm thrilled to be around. this has been an awesome experience. >> larry: do you get nervous every week? >> of course. it's nerve wracking. >> larry: who picks the dances? >> well, the -- when you get saved, they tell you that your dance for the next week, and they'll give you your song as well. >> larry: what's yours next?
12:23 am
>> the slow waltz. we have two dances next week. >> larry: slow waltz would seem easier to teach. >> well, it's kind of a double-edged sword. because it's slow, you can kind of think and pace yourself, but it takes a lot more control. you have to be very controlled. you can't rush through it. that's a challenge in this dance. >> larry: have you started on it yet? >> we haven't started on the waltz, but we have started the other this morning. one is intense and graceful and stuff. it's going to be interesting to see if i can juggle both of them. >> larry: are you enjoying the sexy part of this? because some of these dances are not unsexy. >> that's what i struggle with the most. just because i'm not the type of person that's really like that. like, look at me, not at all. i'm having so much fun. mark's really helped me with just going out there and just jumping into it. and trying my hardest. >> larry: are you a professional dancer? >> yes. >> larry: do you teach dancing? >> this is what i do for a living.
12:24 am
i've devoted my life doing it. i'm happy we're still going. >> larry: the show's co-host brooke burke is backstage. >> i'm back here in the green room with brandy and maks. these two have been on quite a roll in the past two weeks. they're giving up precious rehearsal time to be with you here today. brandy and maks are coming up next. ♪ [ man ] i thought our family business would always be boots. until one day, my daughter showed me a designer handbag. and like that, we had a new side to our business.
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can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. >> larry: brandy and maks have
12:27 am
been getting good scores all season and they keep getting better. check this out. >> brandy has all of the ingredients to make a great dancer. >> brandy and her partner maksim. ♪ ♪ >> larry: okay, maks. >> yes, sir. >> larry: how is she doing? >> she's doing fantastic. i mean, we started off slow.
12:28 am
and then, you know, but it was kind of short for it. everything was going well. according to plan. the audience kept bringing us back. and every week she's shown signs of improvement. we kind of hit our stride a couple of weeks ago. and been up there ever since. i'm very proud of her. >> larry: how good a teacher is he? >> he's a great teacher. i think he is very passionate. ana champion on the inside. i'm so happy to work with him every day. it's tough, but i love it. >> larry: you have to like it, right? >> he's definitely a friend of mine now. i just think he really believes in me and pushes me to be the best that i can be. and i want to thank him for that. >> larry: you admitted you're not a dancer. >> i'm not a dancer. >> larry: what was the toughest hurdle for you? >> the toughest hurdle for me was connecting to my confidence and believing in myself. i think i was getting in my own way in the beginning. and that was messing me up. actually, i know that.
12:29 am
>> larry: how much of dancing, max, is mental? >> oh, it's most of it is mental. anybody can dance. it's not a secret. i'm in the business of making anybody dance. but mentally, not everybody's up for a challenge. and then also not everybody's mentally strong enough to withhold the schedule of the show. and everybody's going far in this competition, are a testament to the strength and will power. >> larry: brandy, russians can be tough. >> don't help me. >> larry: is he tough? >> he is very tough. but a passionate tough. like i said, he really believes in me. and i need that. i need that push, because i don't want to slack off and i really want to go as far as i can in this competition. >> larry: is it harder work than you thought? >> absolutely. it's hard work. it's challenging. but it's something that i need to reawaken my strength. >> larry: what happened with you and judge carrie ann?
12:30 am
were you fighting? >> no, we're not fighting. no, we're just passionate about our jobs, about what we do. >> larry: you disagree with her? >> well, that's our job, i guess. judges give their opinion. i'm in the business of being judged. and have been for the past 25 years. and all the pros on the show that come from a dance circuit know what it's like to have a 15-panel of judges. and with the competition, you have five marking you last and three marking you first. >> larry: it's also subjective. >> it's very subjective. i don't undermine carrie ann's opinion. i disagree with it. that's where we come back the next week and try to prove her wrong in doing something she wants us to do. >> larry: you think she's fair? >> i think all the judges are fair. you know, in their own mind. >> larry: how do you take criticism? >> i take criticism very well, i think. i try to apply what the judges
12:31 am
say every week. it's been working out for me. >> larry: have they helped you? >> they've helped me a lot. the judges say the same things that maks always tells me in rehearsal. so i get to hear it before they even say it. >> larry: how do you think you're going to come out? truthf truthfully. >> i think anything is possible. but i'm definitely, you know, trying to push forward to win. i really want to win this. especially for maks. i'm very humbled about it. i definitely want to go far. >> larry: brandy and maks will be back. tom, who's next? >> larry, coming up, a young man whom i've repeatedly been beating in backstage pull-ups. and a young woman whose blond hair is highly suspect. kyle and lacy are next. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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>> larry: kyle has surprised a lot of people this season. maybe even himself. he and his partner, lacey, know how to roll. watch. >> on the stage. >> kyle massey and his partner, lacey schwimmer. >> kyle is our star entertainer. >> i think i just fell in love. you are officially my first crush of season 11. ♪
12:35 am
♪ >> larry: lacey, how's he doing? >> he's doing all right. >> not too bad. >> no, he's doing awesome. hfs so unexpected what came out of him in the first day of rehearsals. >> larry: was it tough at the start? >> well, try taking a 19-year-old boy who would rather be at the movies or playing video games and stick him in a rehearsal studio, it's tough, yeah. >> larry: what's it been like for you? >> it's probably one of the greatest experiences that anyone could ever -- >> larry: in all of your 19 years. >> in all of my many 19 years. it's been pretty amazing. like every step of the way, it's
12:36 am
just been unforgettable. to the res her ales to the hours. >> larry: what's lacey like? >> she's not bad, you know. >> larry: tough? >> yeah, she's tough on me. but it's necessary. like i understand that it's not like personal. but she's just frustrated with sometimes i can't get a dance step. >> or not remembering. >> yeah, sometimes the hardest part is actually remembering all the steps you learn. because week by week, you learn so many dance steps, after a while they all look alike. >> larry: nothing's perfect. do you know when you've goofed? >> definitely. lacey made a great point, i am my hardest critic. i can look at a dance and go, oh, my gosh, i messed that one step up. but the whole audience is going crazy. and my mom is going, you did so good. no, i messed up. like her, the other day, i was like, lacey said, i messed up that one step. she said it's okay, we got through it. >> larry: it's bigger than disney. >> like 600 people. it's so crazy. i used to go out and the kids would be tugging at your pants,
12:37 am
like, oh, that's the guy. >> larry: lacey, you cooled off after a great start. how do you rebound? >> we've been having a lot of fun this season. what you see with kyle is what you get. he's a happy-go-lucky guy. we hope to keep that going. if we get in the finale, that would be great. we need to keep that energy up. >> larry: what's been the hardest dance? >> can you remember any of the names? >> i think the vinny's was -- >> larry: you did the vien ees waltz? >> i did the vienees waltz. the tango was hard also. >> larry: it's a sexy dance. >> i'm a sexy man in my sexy pants doing a sexy dance. that's what i always say. >> larry: it has to be asked, lacey, during the tango, were you turned on? >> oh -- >> larry: tango is a turn-on dance. >> it's something about my
12:38 am
facial hair that she just -- >> larry: you may adopt him. >> i know. >> larry: all right. what's your next dance? >> we have two full dances. and we have the argentine tango, which is another sexy dance. he's really excited about that one. we also have the samba, which is fun. >> larry: the argentine tango? >> different styles. >> larry: i thought -- >> some are fast-paced. i've been googling them and youtubing some of the dances. the argentine tango is more with the feet, and more close hold. >> stop, kyle. >> she choreographs. she doesn't want me to let go of her. >> larry: do you have a girlfriend, kyle? >> i do. lacey's trying to mess all that up, you know what i'm saying? lacey's all over me. >> you wish. >> larry: it almost doesn't matter whether they win or lose. tom, i understand we have a couple of great looking guests
12:39 am
coming up. >> larry, you and i will handle the mature male category. but dimples burke will join us as well at the desk. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] at&t and blackberry have teamed up to keep your business moving. blackberry torch now just $99.99. only from at&t. rethink possible.
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12:41 am
>> larry: we welcome -- what are you doing? >> nothing. >> larry: we welcome tom bergeron. the host of "dancing with the stars." he was just tickling her. brooke burke, the winner of season seven. brooke, why is this show so successful? >> i think people get a chance
12:42 am
to see a different side of celebrities. they get to see growth. they get to see fear. they get to see challenge. everyone's true colors come out on this show. it's totally unpredictable. i love this cast. we never know what's going to happen week after week. it's usually not like that. >> larry: what's it been like for you, tom? >> season ten was very successful. that was the season that we occasionally beat "idol" in the ratings. that cast a long shadow. i think the producing team has done a superb job of not only assembling a cast that could equal season ten, and be as brooke says, continually surprising in the way that season ten's wasn't, but the production itself has been from theme nights to the 200th show to the instant dances that we did. it's all working. >> larry: "dancing with the stars" is in how many countries now? each country has one, right? >> i don't know. >> i think about 60 countries. >> larry: israelis has one.
12:43 am
and their "dancing with the stars," they have a same-sex couple. what do you think of that? >> i'm not sure. i think it's going to be interesting for the pro that has to take on the role of the opposite sex and become a teacher. >> i'll just go on the record that i'm saying i'm all for it. >> ball room, though? i'm not sure. maybe a different style of dance. i don't know. >> larry: what is the market value -- i know they're paid, but not a great amount of money. what's the market value of the mirrored ball? >> of the actual trophy? i think -- >> priceless. >> well, i think so. but if you were to put it on ebay, for example, i'm guessing 20, 30 bucks. >> any idea how hard i worked for that trophy? my trophy rotates rooms, my daughters' rooms. when people come over to the house, this edon't want a pak tur with the family or me, they want a picture with the trophy. so $30? i'm sorry.
12:44 am
>> apollo ono said they want to see his trophy before his olympic medals. >> it's pretty amazing. >> larry: do you in your heart pick a favorite? you don't have to tell us. >> yes. >> larry: someone you want to win or think will win? >> both. i think it's not always the same person using those different categories. sometimes the person i would like to see win probably won't. i've been notoriously bad at predicting who will win from season to season. >> especially this season. that's a tough question. i think it changes from week to week, you know. >> larry: are you surprised sometimes at who gets tossed? >> this season has been very surprising, yes. >> week one was surprising with the hof gone right away. hasselho hasselhoff. >> i thought audrina was surprising. rick took it so seriously last night. it's always a surprise. tuesdays are always tough. >> larry: do you think it's tougher on miss palin? >> well, look, it's funny,
12:45 am
somebody said to me today, as a matter of fact, when i was getting coffee, well, bristol's still there. do you think you're going to have to look at the voting? no, i said it's working perfectly. i think bristol said it herself, the judges have been scoring her low. but clearly the viewing public who comprise 50% of the vote have been rallying to her. so to anybody who said to me, it's not fair, i immediately say, so then you voted for -- i said, look at the midterms, too. >> larry: how many votes come in? >> that, i don't know. >> we're not privileged to that information. it's very secretive. we don't find out who's winning until moments before the elimination happens live. i choose not to know. >> larry: tom? >> i didn't used to know. because i didn't trust my ability -- i thought if i saw that person during the day, i would go -- you know. but quite often i do know. >> larry: isn't it better not to know? >> well, i'll just say this, we have two daughters, my wife and i, not brooke and i, but my wife
12:46 am
and i. >> larry: you wish. >> yeah, that would be explaining at home. but for the first -- daughter i knew for six months we were having a girl. and my wife didn't. so i can keep a secret pretty well. >> i don't want to know. i want to experience that moment live. i don't want to treat anybody differently. i don't want to be like, hi. >> that's how you treat me every week. >> larry: this seems like a very -- this final four, very fun group. >> they are. >> it's a lot of fun. the dances last week were so exciting. so much energy. it's just -- >> larry: you both do a great job. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> it's been great to come back. >> larry: when we come back, everybody will be here. so stick around. ♪ to design the future of flight, inside and out. ♪ to build tomorrow's technology in amazing ways. ♪ and reshape the science of aerospace -- forever.
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12:49 am
>> larry: we're back with jennifer and derek, bristol and
12:50 am
mark, brandy and maks and kyle and lacey. do you choreograph the act? >> yeah. >> larry: no outside choreographer? >> no, we're up to everything. everything to like the costumes to the concept to the choreograp choreography. it's a big task. a lot of weight on our shoulders. but it's a lot of fun. >> larry: let's get a tab on the competition. bristol and mark, what do you think about jennifer and derek? >> i think they're really strong. they definitely had awesome improvement from the start. jennifer was -- has a great partner, she's lucky to have derek. he's been a two-time champ. she's in good hands. >> larry: would you make them one of the favorites? >> yeah, of course, they're awesome. >> larry: it would be humbling -- you want to beat them? >> of course i want to beat them. . >> larry: come on. jennifer and derek, what do you think of bristol and mark? truth.
12:51 am
>> the truth is, you're so amazing to watch blossom. it's just been gorgeous. i'm just so impressed with the huge, huge jump. >> i gave her a nickname, the bastallion. >> larry: braepd brandy, what are your thoughts on kyle and lacey? >> kyle and lacey are actually my favorite couple. they are. i've told them that a million times. i mean, i love y'all, too. but you know what it is. but i don't know, i've watched kyle for a long time, like on television, and my daughter loves him. lacey's so cute. we like them a lot. >> larry: maks, you may be the most competitive of all. i sense that in you. i don't know what it is. just a feeling i have. maybe it's my impression my mother was russian. what do you make of kyle and lacey? >> well, i think, you know, i make the same thing as everybody else makes, they're probably the
12:52 am
most entertaining couple we've had on the show ever. he comes out, his smile is very contagious. we can be in a bad mood for whatever reason, and kyle walks in, everybody's laughing and joking five minutes later. so, you know, it's amazing to watch. if you translate that into his dancing, which is great. lacey is doing a phenomenal job given the low attention span. >> larry: all right. turn the tables. kyle, what do you think of brandy and maks? >> i think brandy and maks, they're unbelievable, man. i think that they have a great chemistry. and i think that they have excellent work ethic. like you guys are in the dance studio all the time. and no matter what's going on, ups and downs, fights or smiles -- >> larry: are you all working in the same area? >> we're all in the same building. you hate to see someone go home, because we've grown so fond of each other.
12:53 am
minus mark, i mean -- >> it's like in the studio, we're all in there. >> larry: lacey, what do you think of brandy and maks? >> i think they're the perfect partnership. his strength with her is bringing out the character that she plays every week. and you see it on camera. and she just transforms. it's amazing to see. she's one of the best dancers on the show. it's great to be in a cast with her. >> larry: you mentioned character. jennifer, do you become a character in a sense? are you acting? >> i feel like each dance is a different role, yeah, i do feel that. >> larry: what was the hardest dance for you? >> the pasadoble. >> larry: because? >> it was that whole rock 'n' roll theme that i felt a little long in the tooth for. but i think i pushed, because i felt like i needed to, and i think that was where i went off the rails a little bit. >> it was crazy with the explosions going off. they didn't show you, we had a black floor for the show. and they changed five minutes before the live show. it was kind of a crazy thing
12:54 am
that you don't see behind the scenes. but they always change things backstage. so it's kind of crazy. >> larry: do you worry about the judges, brandy? do you think about them when you're dancing? >> yeah. like i catch a glimpse of their face and sometimes it's like, oh, great, got to get through this routine. and i think, oh, we're doing good. i'm serious. >> larry: you're judge aware, as they say? >> yeah, kind of. >> larry: mark, are you? >> you have to be. you have to take what they say and kind of apply it to the dance each week. for us, we're more challenging ourselves. we just want to push through and get better and better every week. our scores have kept us consistently at the bottom. but that's all right. we're having a good time and want to keep pushing. >> larry: we'll gather everyone in front of our wall. when we get back, we'll get each of their predictions on who will win. the entire cast is going to dance us off, too. don't go away. called the humana walmart-.
12:55 am
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12:58 am
>> larry: okay. this will not be taken personally. let's run them down. jennifer, derek, who's going to win? >> i think it could be anybody. >> larry: oh, come on. >> i'm serious. >> at this point in the competition, everybody's on an equal playing field. everybody has a different strength. >> larry: how about number one? kyle, why are you hiding? >> i'm not hiding. >> larry: lacey, kyle, who is going to win? >> that's your question. >> what? >> huh? >> honestly between brandy or jennifer. >> larry: okay. brandy? bristol and mark, who's going to win? >> i'll have to agree with lacey on that. between jennifer and brandy. >> i think it's going to be kyle. because kyle has a good personality on and off the dance floor. >> ata girl, bristol, right here. >> larry: maks and brandy, who's
12:59 am
going to win? >> i think we're all winners at this point. we're all in the same boat. if i had to choose, i want maks to win, because he's won the finals so many times. >> larry: maks? are you picking yourself? >> am i picking myself? i think, you know, all the pros can relate to the fact that we don't go into competition not trying to be a winner. so we all pick ourselves. but i'm rooting for everybody every week. >> larry: can you be objective, brandy? who's going to win? you can't be objective? >> i can't be. i'm sorry. >> larry: can you two have an opinion? >> i'm going with tom. >> i'm actually a winner. but i'm thinking of the survivor in nicaragua, the guy with the sunburn? shoo-in. >> larry: you have a winner? >> every week it changes. i honestly don't know. i really, really don't know.


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